Smart metering solutions we offer focuses on delivering long-term benefits, optimized cost savings, operational efficiency and improved asset management. Other advantages include a flexible, robust and future-proof network offering access to the Internet of Things (IoT).


HYDRUS 2.0 Residential is a static ultrasonic water meter designed for all applications of domestic cold water supply enabling accurate measuring with long-term stability, eliminating measuring deviations caused by sand, suspended particles, scale or air pockets.
• DN 15 to 40
• MID approval up to R=800
• IP 68
• Wireless M-Bus radio, Wired M-Bus/Pulse/Pulse, Wireless M-Bus radio/L-Bus/Pulse, IZAR BE PULSE compatible, M-Bus, Pulse/Pulse
• Display with alarm codes including leakage detection, radio on and error codes
• Battery lifetime up to 16 years

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